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Course Handbook


The range of courses allows students to choose from different study and career pathways. Career counselling begins in Year 8 and continues until our students successfully enter further education, training or employment. In this way, we support diversity and student success. Our commitment to creativity is reflected in the wide range of subjects we offer in the creativity arts of Music, Dance, Drama and Visual Arts.

Graduates of Woodville High School will be literate as readers, writers and speakers of English in all learning areas. They will also be literate in a range of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) and able to use ICTs as tools in their learning, their everyday lives and in their work.

Our mathematics teachers are supported by a Numeracy coach to accommodate a range of needs in maths classes. Graduates of Woodville High School will have the skills to be citizens at a local and global level, because they will have an understanding of the importance of civics and citizenship.

They will also be aware of their own learning styles and feel positive about their potential as life- long learners. The education of young people is a close partnership between schools and caregivers and increasingly local businesses and industry. 

This handbook outlines all the courses that we will offer at Woodville High School in 2018.

Course Handbook

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