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The school plans its school improvements around both relationships for quality learning and teaching for quality learning. In 2013, Woodville High School decided to implement a one-to-one iPad program for all students in Years 8 to 10. iPads benefit both the learning and wellbeing of students at Woodville High School.

In 2014 we successfully implemented a year 8-10 iPad program. We base this decision on a number of factors including successful models implemented at Unley High School, Aberfoyle Park High School & Walford School. At Woodville High School we have been on the leading edge of utilizing technology with a focus and goal of improving student learning outcomes. This is evidenced in the provision of extensive computing suites, interactive whiteboards, a successful 1:1 laptop program from Years 10-12, and most recently trialling sets of iPads for student use in Special Education & Literacy.

21st Century learning requires that our students embrace the available emerging technologies, developing the essential skills to become adaptable, creative global citizens with the skills to seek knowledge.  From the high level of student engagement and individualization of learning outcomes that we have observed in the trial in our school, the true value of the iPad is in the 1:1 nature of the device, managed by the student and their family. To obtain the maximum benefit it is most desirable that the available technology is intentionally used as a 1:1 device. 

We are excited by this opportunity to work at the forefront of innovative education and as our teachers are also learners in this process, we will work as a community for the improved learning outcomes for students.

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