Science at Woodville High School

Digital Confidence

iPad technology gives learners access to learning that is not restricted by cords and is more mobile and flexible. During a practical subject such as Science students can move freely and safely throughout the room, even recording a video of an experiment, which can be annotated and shared through our Edmodo learning community. The newly established Learning Hub will have a focus on building students skills on digital technology.

In physically active learning areas like Dance and Physical Education, students have the ability to record, replay and reflect on their skill techinque against the footage of a professioal, tracking their progress from week to week. Subjects like Humanities and Languages can use apps to virtually transport students to other worlds, experiencing interactive maps, video timelines and authentic cultural examples. Apps available to Mathematics and English give learners the chance to self-reflect on their learning as well as present complex ideas. Students with learning difficulties are to benefit from assisted learning within all areas including support for improved reading comprehension. 

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