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Woodville High School reflects the rich multicultural nature of Australian society, with students from over 60 cultural backgrounds. As a school community, we celebrate this diversity as one of our Three Core Values; diversity, creativity, success. This is reflected in the our Value Statement developed in partnership with the school community: To provide quality education for all students in a safe, supportive environment in which students are challanged to expand and develop the knowledge, skills and values which empower them to be successful members of a global society.

The school is located in the newly developed St Clair Estate and is within walking distance to train and bus routes.

The school’s curriculum and student wellbeing programs reflect all aspects of our statement of purpose, with an emphasis on quality education in teaching and learning and international perspectives. Consequently, our graduates are skilled to contribute as active global citizens. 

Creativity is highlighted through the school's status as a Special Interest Music Centre and through extensive performing and visual arts opportunities. Students apply for and are auditioned for entry into the Music Centre, which is staffed by specialists. Students are also able to apply for the Visual Arts enrichment course through submission of a portfolio of work. 

Success for all students is the core business of our staff who are selected specifically for the needs of the school. Student success is nurtured through a well structured pastoral care program and a range of quality teaching practices. High standards of teacher performance are supported through quality professional development and structured professional conversations. The school has a proud academic tradition dating back nearly one hundred years.

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