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International Students

Woodville High School welcomes overseas students who add to our rich cultural diversity and provide opportunities for our school community to gain international perspectives.International education enriches learning for both the students from overseas and the host school. By hosting fee-paying students from overseas, we bring additional diversity of world experience into the classroom and school community, enchancing our students' understanding of languages and cultures and world perspectives.

High School Study Abroad Program 

These students come as fee paying students, usually for three, six or twelve months and live in goverment organized and approved homestay accommodation.  Study Abroad students can choose from academic or learning from experience programs.  For further information, please visit International Education Services and express a preference for Woodville High School. Your child might like to join our school's Special Interest Music Centre program and / or participate in the general secondary school offerings.

High School Graduate Program 

This is one of South Australia's most popular options. International students in this program usually want to complete their secondary studies and possibly tertiary studies in education in Adelaide or elsewhere in Australia.
For students who have limited skills in speaking, reading and writing in English they are enrolled for a period of time in our locally situated Adelaide Secondary School of English, before transitioning to Woodville High School. 
At Woodville High School, international students transition to mainstream subject classes while still being supported in their learning of English by enrolment in English as a Second Language classes. International student graduates from Woodville High School experience success in further study in Australia or in their home country. Importantly, they also take with them enduring friendships with a diversity of other young people.

Study Tours

South Australian Goverment Schools such as Woodville High School welcome groups of students from all over the world to participate in a Study Tour.  A Study Tour is designed for groups of students and their accompanying teachers wishing to experience the English language, lifestyle and landscapes of South Australia. Study Tours are short-term programs, generally are just over a week in length and are custom designed to suit the needs of the group.
Our school has a long relationship with Uenohara High School in Japan and we have annual Study Tour groups which are hosted between Woodville High School and Ocean View College.
Study Tours can include:
  • english tuition
  • school intergration
  • special interest studies such as soccer or music
  • homestay accommodation
  • tourism excursions
What Woodville High School offers in support of the wellbeing, positive engagement and success of its international students:
  • a school community that values diversity and provides planned opportunities for young people to develop inter cultural understanding and cross cultural communication skills
  • a wide range of academic and practical subjects
  • an International Education Manager who assists with day to day wellbeing and communication with homestay families
  • personal support through a dedicated pastoral care group with fellow international students guided by teachers with wide experience in overseas travel and teaching Languages other than English.
  • a close working relationship with teachers at the Adelaide Secondary School of English (ASSoE) where our international students access intensive English classes prior to joing our school community.
  • specialised support for English language acquisition through English as a Second Language (ESL) classes taught by trained teachers who build on the learning started with ASSoE
  • bilingual Support Officers and counselors to assist visiting students to settle into the school community
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