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Wiltja Secondary College

The Wiltja Secondary College is an initiative of the Anangu (Pitkantjatjara word for "people") whole country is the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Lands in the far north-west of South Australia.wiltja
In the 1970's, a group of Ernabella women attended an Indigenous Peoples' Conference in Adelaide, and foresaw the advantages of offering mainstream secondary schooling to Lands' students.  The initial cohort of female students was enrolled at Ingle Farm High School in 1980, with the current Wiltja Secondary College being consolidated onto the Woodville High School (WHS) campus in early 1990.

The Wiltja Secondary College offers secondary education from years eight to twelve, to students normally attending remote community schools in the Aboriginal Lands' District (ALD), and also Yalata and Oak Valley. Wiltja students are enrolled at WHS, wear the uniform and attend both mainstream and Wiltja classes.  Students board at the Wiltja Residence at Northgate where they participate in a comprehensive recreation program.
Accelerated Literacy is embedded across the Wiltja curriculum as a vehicle to improve literacy proficiency.  Wiltja has been a member of the South Australian Accelerated Literacy Project for the last three years. Fifty students have successfully graduated through the Wiltja Program since 1998.
A federally-funded increase in accommodation at the Wiltja Residence necessitated a school expansion to a second site at the start of 2010. Windsor Gardens Vocational College (WGVC) is now established as the senior campus for Wiltja, with three students successfully completing their SACE in 2011.

"Wiltja" is the Pitjantjatjara word for "shelter."  

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